How Paul George Wearing The Wrong Size Sneaker Helped Nike Design PG1 Signature Shoe

Nike gave Paul George his own signature shoe, the “PG1”, and the design was due in large part to George wearing the wrong size shoe. Sole Collector is reporting that Nike designer Tony Hardman, while working on the shoe with George, discovered PG was wearing a size 13 despite being a 14.

Nike measured PG’s foot at their sports research lab and the brand tried to get PG to wear the correct size. PG moved up to a 13.5 but would not commit to a 14. PG prefers his shoes to be a bit snug and that is a key feature in his signature model PG1, which includes a strap that allows for a locked-down feel.

Imagine playing NBA basketball games in sneakers a size too small? I get the need to feel that your feet and ankles are secure but it sounds a bit uncomfortable.