Ice Cube Tells BSO How Fist Fight Reminded Him Why He Got Into Movies (Video)

Ice Cube is back on the big screen this month starring with comedian Charlie Day in a new action-comedy called Fist Fight.

Focusing on cowardly high school English teacher Andy Campbell (Day), and a day of pranks coordinated by the graduating senior class, Campbell soon find himself face-to-face with fellow teacher Mr. Strickland (Ice Cube) after students pit the two against each other setting up an end-of day-school brawl.

Before the premier, BSO had a chance to catch up with the rap icon at the Fist Fight press conference in Los Angeles and ask him what was the best part of being Mr. Strickland.

Throwing a guy into the trash can. That was pretty fun. It was like yeah, that’s what I got into this business for.

Shooting the scene, it’s raining the fake rain and we’re doing action which was cool while being soaking wet. That’s when you sit back and think this is what you do it for. This is fun.

With co-stars Tracey Morgan, Jillian Bell, Dean Norris, and Christina Hendricks rounding out the talented cast, Fist Fight packs a punch all the way to the end.

Fist Fight Opens in theaters on February 17.