Photos of Kourtney Jorge aka #HurtBae; Cheating Confrontation Video Goes Viral, But It Isn’t Quite What it Seems

You have seen the video by now (if you haven’t watch it below).

A young lady name Kourtney confronts her cheating Ex-BF Leonard. It is heartbreaking, but……..

They may have dated, he may have cheated, but some of the stuff said was totally scripted for dramatic effect (it worked, so props to them) according to someone close to the production. That is ok, because to get these things to work, you have to add a little to the story. If it was just standard cheating, no one would really care, because that happens every day.

But, you have two attractive people adding a little hot sauce to their love story and BAM that is how you go viral overnight.

It is just humorous to see people start playing Dr. Phil on social media over this. Cheating isn’t an unusual occurrence and believe it or not, women cheat as much as men. Go talk to 10 of your friends, I am fairly confident 9 of them have cheated or are cheating.  This was very nicely done and maybe it helps others who have dealt with their significant others cheating.

The good news though at least for the bros is Hurt Bae is drop dead gorgeous and I have some photos and videos to share with you.  Her Instagram page is filled with soooooo many guys claiming they would treat her right, but if the video shows you anything is that you can’t trust anyone male or female.

Flip the pages for the photos and videos of Hurt Bae.