NY Fans Chant “Free Charles Oakley” at Knicks & Rangers Games (Videos)

The fans have chosen a side in the dispute between Charles Oakley and James Dolan, and their overwhelming choice is Team Oakley.  A day after Oakley had a violent altercation with Madison Sqaure Garden security, Knicks owner James Dolan announced that Charles Oakley was banned from the arena.

The Knicks organization blamed Oakley for the incident, but eye-witnesses in the stands disputed that claim, citing the MSG security for escalating the situation and provoking a fierce response from Oakley. Oakley defended his actions as well, stating he bought a ticket to the game,and was confronted by MSG security without any warning.

Oakley has been critical of the Knicks and James Dolan in the past, so many fans believe that the actions by MSG security were at the request of a disgruntled James Dolan. The fans responded in support of Oakley when the Knicks played against the Nuggets on Friday and when the New York Rangers played on Thursday.

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