Details on Pennsylvania Teacher Arrested For Having Sex with Student (Video)

A Pennsylvania teacher is behind bars for having a relationship with a 16-year-old female student.

Nina Scott, 28, was arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual assault of a minor.

Fox 29 in PA has the details:

A journal that belonged to the victim was discovered at the school along with letters from Scott that were written to the victim. In the letters, authorities say Scott refers to the victim as “her girlfriend” and made references to being in her bed with the student.

Scott also allegedly referred to her two-year-old daughter as “their daughter.”

Detectives interviewed the victim regarding the matter, and say the student admitted Scott was her teacher when she was a resident at The Village, but denied any type of physical and romantic relationship.

Nina Scott was later interviewed by detectives and also denied any type of personal relationship. In a later interview, police say Scott admitted to having sexual contact with the student, and the first incident occurred back in February 2016. Investigators say they have reason to believe some alleged incidents did occur on school property.

The student later spoke with police and admitted to multiple sexual encounters with Scott.

Scott is facing several charges including 34 counts of institutional sexual assault of a minor, and corruption of minors.

Sadly, these stories seem to be growing in number. For all of our readers who have children, please keep an eye out on their activity and report any strange interactions.

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