Reggie Bush’s Mistress Tells Friends The Father of Her Newborn Could Be 1 of 4 Athletes or Her Husband (Photos)


No one is denying that Reggie Bush had an affair with married Monique Exposito.

The issues comes afterwards.

Allegedly Exposito tried to extort Reggie Bush in exchange for an abortion. Either Reggie paid her between $1-3 million and she still didn’t have the abortion or he didn’t pay her anything, so she decided to have the kid.

She had the baby over Super Bowl weekend and was upset neither Bush or her husband (who is divorcing her now) didn’t show up to witness the birth.  She named the kid Preston by the way.

The crazy thing is according to friends of Exposito she has no idea who the father is. The possible suspects according to Bossip are.

Alonzo Mourning
Boxer Steed Woodall
Marlins Giancarlo Stanton
Reggie Bush
Her Husband Alex Bastin

Exposito is also upset her baby didn’t come out dark skin, because she thinks that maybe a sign it isn’t Reggie Bush’s kid.

Flip the pages for the mistress…



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