Steelers Teammate Defends Antonio Brown’s Recent Actions on IG

What is loyalty these days? If you need help visualizing it, its in the form of New Edition lead singer, Ralph Tresvant. And, yes, I’m still shedding tears that the movie is over, but on to Steeler news.

Since the loss to the Patriots in the AFC championship, leaked reports from the Steelers organization spell trouble and they all seem to be circling WR Antonio Brown. Brown was under fire for “Facebook-gate” because he went live after a win that broadcasted a speech by Tomlin who called the Patriots “a**holes”. The media hasn’t stopped yet with reports of trading and even resentment from his teammates, but someone from the organization has finally spoken outin favor of Brown, teammate Maurkice Pouncey.

Pouncey used Instagram to discuss his feelings,

The Pouncey brothers are known for sticking by their friends… *cough* Aaron Hernandez *cough*. So is this really a surprise? No. In a world where loyalty is hard to find, AB is sure to appreciate someone finally speaking up in his defense.