Zach Randolph Talks To BSO About How Grizzlies Can Succeed in Playoffs (Video)

Zach Randolph has made a huge impact on the Grizzlies and it’s clear that the playoffs are on their mind. We caught up with Randolph prior to this past week’s Nets-Grizzlies game.

The Grizzlies find themselves in quite a great spot but there’s always room for improvement. They’re currently sixth in the Western Conference and as we know, there are some tough teams to get past. Their starters are averaging between 10-15 points a night and their chemistry is at an all-time high. The Grizzlies are taking it day by day and as one of their stars Zach Randolph said, they must keep the momentum.

Randolph said it quite simply:

“We come in after the break, we focused, finish this game and our next game. Try to get these wins and finish our will.”

As an advocate of underdog teams, seeing the Grizzlies rise up would be great. Let’s see what they’ll bring to the table during the second half.