Charles Barkley Tells Fans to Boycott Games to Combat NBA Players Resting (Video)


NBA Commish Adam Silver will have to find a creative remedy because all anyone can discuss lately in the NBA regards the fashion in which players are being rested.   The league can not afford for it’s fans to feel they are inconsequential.

The Cavs sitting out their Big 3 Saturday night against the Clippers struck a nerve with many. Charles Barkley joined Karl Malone in recent days in speaking out against the need for player maintenance.  Barkley went scorched earth Monday on the Rich Eisen Show.  Part of his solution includes fans boycotting games to get the message across to the league.

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  1. Agreed. Sometimes i hate and disagree with him..sometimes i agree and tolerate him lls. I do think he belives he is way more important than he is though

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