Cardi B Explains Why She Doesn’t Have 3somes By Choice, But To Please Her Man (Vid-Pics)


Love & Hip Hop NY reality star Cardi B sat down for an interview with VLADTV and among the topics she discussed were threesomes. Cardi says she doesn’t do threesomes by choice, but rather for cool points for her boyfriend, saying:

When I do it, it’s just only to satisfy my dude. To get cool points with my dude. But I never really enjoy it.

Cue the moral handwringing. What people want to do within the confines of their relationship doesn’t matter to me. She goes on to say:

I enjoy intimacy. When it’s the three thing it just like a show. It’s fake like porn. You just doing it to look good.

The question has to be asked. If Cardi doesn’t like doing it and prefers intimacy, why not just communicate that to her man?

See the full interview below for context.

Flip the pages for pics of Cardi B.

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