Civil Rights Activist Harry Edwards Plans to Build an Institute For Modern Day Athlete Activists

This is the world and we are all members of society, no matter how removed you think you are. Athletes are members of society. When they get off the court, field, track, they are living their lives in society. They see, think, feel and form their opinion just like the rest of us. It’s silly to say stick to sports because when John Henson of the Milwaukee is being racially profiled in a jewelry store, do you call a technical foul on that?

Athletes live real lives and with the current state of the United States, you’re going to heat about it more & more as it relates to racial issues and religion etc.

With Black Lives Matter & Kaepernick kneeling to our current president, there’s no sticking to sports anymore, even though sports have always been a center piece to culture. There’s now a resurgence in athlete activism and civil rights activist and sports sociologist Harry Edwards plans to help with this.

Edwards helped organize the first-ever movement of black athletes in America. His work reached college campuses, private athletic clubs, and even the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.


He spoke with Vice Sports and here’s what he said.

More athletes are mulling what they can do, and they know who to ask for feedback. “Right now I’m getting so many calls, there’s no way that I can keep up with them,” Edwards said. “There’s only one me. What I need is about a dozen clones.”

This is at his alma mater, San Jose State University and called the Institute for the Study of Sport, Society, and Social Change which launched in January. The purpose of this institution is to support research that examines sports in the 21st century with an eye to race, gender, and class. It also helps athletes and activists learn how to maximize the impact of their own acts.

It’s great to leave something behind that will help better the future, especially with athletes considering their words tend to travel the furthest.

The change always starts with you.