Details on Baylor Firing Associate Director for Football Operations For Sexting a Teenager (Video)


Baylor made sure to point out that under Texas law the teenager DeMarkco Butler who is 28 was texting was considered an adult.

That means she was between the age of 17-19 (to still be considered a teenager). No word on how they found out about the text or what exactly the texts said, but it was enough to get him fired.

KWTX learned Monday the university dismissed DeMarkco Butler, the associate director for football operations, over inappropriate text messages.

Butler was just hired by the university last month.

While Butler was let go because of inappropriate texts to a teenager, a school official indicated they were sent to an individual who was an adult under Texas statute.

This is the second Baylor staffer fired recently over a sex scandal. Earlier in the year they fired assistant strength coach Brandon Washington for getting caught up in a prostitution sting.

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