Jerry Jones: A Decision on Tony Romo Could Be Made As Quickly As Tonight If Needed (Video)


Much of the football world is waiting to hear where veteran Cowboy Tony Romo will end up as it is almost certain that he will not be in a Dallas uniform. Possible theories and trade rumors have run rampant as owner Jerry Jones has remained silent.

Speaking from the Scouting Combine on Saturday, Jones shared with longtime Dallas journalist Clarence Hill, Jr. that he and the QB have spoken and that a decision could be made tonight if necessary. However, there is no rush.

Rumors that Romo could end up in Washington would indicate that the Cowboys front office feels that he is done and that he will not be able to return to elite level he once performed at; thus the willingness to deal the vet to their bitter rivals. That does not appear to be the case as Jason Garrett shared with media this week that despite Romo’s rash of injuries in recent years, he feels “there is no reason to think he can’t play at a high level again”.

Flip the page to watch Garrett share his thoughts on Tony Romo from this week’s NFL Combine.

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