Junior Hockey Player Hurdles Glass To Fight Fans During Game (Video)

Hockey can be a display of grace, elegance and skill or in this case, it can resemble a battle royale on skates.

According to Bleacher Report, a Canadian junior league hockey playoff game between the Southern Sting and Grand Lake Moose erupted into a brawl with fans when a Moose player grew tired of continued taunting from the crowd, climbed the wall separating the ice from the spectators and started throwing hands.

Jonathan Tremblay, a 14-year-old in attendance who witnessed the incident, told CBC News’ Gail Harding it started when fans taunted a Grand Lake player in the penalty box. The player responded by hitting someone on the head with his stick.

“And one of the fans dumped beer on top of him,” Tremblay said. “Then he decided he was just going to jump the boards and start fighting.”

The winning team attempted to draw attention away from the brawl in a series of Facebook posts but the damage was already done.

Please people don’t get caught up on the actions of one player and a few fans.Again social media is feeding off this and making it much more then what it really was.What happen last night was not right but also nothing that the Southern Sting could have controlled. One thing we will tell you is that we will be hiring additional security besides the Police at all remaining games and they will be checking people in at the door.
Let’s celebrate the big series win by your Southern Sting and not let the actions of a few take away from that.
Go Sting Go.

Hopefully the involved parties learned from the incident and won’t do it again. Law enforcement officials weren’t needed to resolve the incident and everyone went home intact.

Just another day on the ice.