Lance Stephenson & Lira Galore Sex Tape Leaks; Who Leaked Video?; Lira Replies on Twitter

Lance Stephenson is currently an NBA Free Agent, so he has time on his hands to make sex tapes and what not.

Lira Galore is in “THE CIRCLE” meaning that she only has relationships with rappers, entertainers and athletes.

Her most high profile one was with Rick Ross.

The question begs who leaked the tape? Seems unlikely that Stephenson would have anything to gain from leaking, would Lira self leak to try to extend her 15 mins of fame?

What is likely is the tape was shown to someone who had no problem selling it or giving to Fameolous who in turn have been putting it on their social media spaces.

Flip the page for more of Lira, her Twitter reply and link to where you can see more of leak…