Marquese Chriss Talks To BSO About His Rookie Year (Video)

In what is turning out to be a tight race for rookie of the year, Marquese Chriss’ name has been mentioned. The young Phoenix Suns stars discussed his first year with us and we’re sure to expect great things from him.

The Phoenix Suns didn’t have the year they expected to have. In fact, it’s gone terrible but they are talented-packed and next year, we might see them as serious contenders. For now, we get to see how a locker room doesn’t let their record affect their relationship.

We had the chance to speak to Marquese Chriss who spoke about his rookie year and what the veterans have taught him in the locker room. But, as he noted, the veterans aren’t the only ones contributing to his success. Even some of the young bucks on the team have helped him along the way. All in all, you can tell that Chriss’ humble gene is very apparent.

Who will win this year’s Rookie of the Year? As of now, Chriss is definitely in the top three.