Packers Columnist Believes Adrian Peterson Beat His Son Until His Scrotum Bled Because of Slavery

I want white people to listen to me very carefully.

Everything that black people do isn’t predicated on the following:

Slavery and Rap Music

For some odd reason anything negative someone black does it has to be tied to slavery and rap music.

I am not sure why white people do this, but they do it often.

Lot of varying opinions on discipline kids and Adrian Peterson. I think he is a child abuser others have differing thoughts. My thought is if he had done to a grown woman what he did to a 4-year-old child everyone would have been appalled.

What we can all agree on is his actions had ZERO to do with his great great great something being a slave, but this is one of the reasons that Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette gave for AP beating his children.

I am laughing because it is so ludicrous.

If anything using this theory black people should savagely beat WHITE PEOPLE not their own children.

I don’t know Mr. Dougherty, so I can’t speak to the type person who is and many times white people aren’t racist as much as they are really ignorant when they try to get inside of the mind of black people.

This was so ignorant that the paper had to release a statement.

Note to readers: A paragraph in an earlier version of Pete Dougherty’s column that included a reference to Peterson’s punishment of his 4-year-old son being connected to America’s history of slavery was removed. It was poorly reasoned and insensitive. We apologize to all readers who were offended.

Just a piece of advice, if you want Adrian Peterson on your team, just say that, don’t try to justify him being a horrible person at least in the past to his kids. It just makes you look foolish.

If Peterson has learned his lesson then fine, just say that, don’t try to figure out what a black person is thinking if you aren’t black, because you will just play yourself.

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