Woman Claps On Meek Mill For Calling Her Timbs Fake But Not For Calling Her A Thot (Video)

Woman is mad at #MeekMill for roasting her Timbs and calling them fake

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They say women will always remember someone calling her ugly or fat but in this case, don’t EVER talk about a woman’s Timberlands.

In a video obtained by VladTV, a young lady responds to comments Meek Mill made about her non-traditional Timberland boots in a now deleted post on Instagram. In the post, Meek reportedly calls the young lady a thot and her timberlands “yellow boots” but she’s more upset about the shoe comments than the comments specially about her.

“You can call me a THOT all you want I don’t care nothing about that, but what I do care about, maybe you trying to cope with the loss of Nicki, picking on random chicks for fun that’s you that’s what you do, but I don’t respect the fact is that you talking about my Timbs which I spent good money on that are not fake!”

It’s dead-ass serious in these streets when a young lady is more offended by a shoe discussion than being called a thot.

Drake’s Back-To-Back playing in the background isn’t lost on us either.