Details on The Alleged Suicide Note Aaron Hernandez Left For His Gay Jailhouse Lover (Photos)


There is something off about this entire Aaron Hernandez alleged suicide, but I really doubt we’ll ever truly get to the bottom of it.

The latest twist comes from the Daily Mail where they say that Hernandez last spoke to his jailhouse lover before taking his own life.

The three handwritten notes discovered in the cell where Aaron Hernandez hanged himself were written to his fiancée, his daughter and his gay jailhouse lover.

Two of the notes were written to Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez and the couple’s four-year-old daughter Avielle. Both were seen leaving her mother’s Connecticut home Thursday.

Sources close to the investigation tell that the third letter was written to Hernandez’s gay prison lover, who has not been identified but was believed to be the last person Hernandez spoke to before he took his own life.

Now that man is currently under ‘eyeball to eyeball’ suicide watch.

Flip the page for more details on how Hernandez has been planning his suicide for weeks and the photo of his cell. Then you can decide if you think he did it or not.



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