Do You Agree With Melo’s Reasoning on Why He Should Be Able to Cheat & LaLa Can’t (Photos)

I hate to break it to you, but the majority of people cheat on their significant others as long as they have options to do it.

Famous people have more options than most, so you can do the math.

Plus there are variations of cheating as well, so long story short, if you are in a relationship the odds are not in your favor that your lady or your man is being faithful.

That is essentially Melo’s justification for his cheating, that everyone does it, so LaLa should have known the deal upfront.

Do you agree?

Carmelo Anthony has been dogged by cheating rumors for years and sources say he’d justify it to his friends by saying, “La La is married, I’m not.”

Multiple sources tell Page Six that Melo would often flirt or hook up with women while he was on the road with the Knicks during his nearly seven-year marriage to La La.

One source said, “Melo’s tagline was, ‘She’s married, I’m not.’ That’s how he would justify it. His attitude is that all professional athletes do it, and many of them do. La La has put up with a lot. She knew it was going on, but I guess this time she’s had enough.”

This is just my personal thoughts, but there is no way that LaLa hasn’t cheated if Melo was so nonchalant about his infidelity.

As I was told once, whatever you are doing to your lady, be prepared to have it done to you.

Also how amazing your lady or guy looks has nothing to do with cheating, so when you say “how could they cheat on him/her” that lets me know you never dealt with a very attractive person who also made you miserable, not justifying it, but saying looks very small factor.

Flip the page for lovely photos of LaLa if you are preparing to shoot your shot….

3 thoughts on “Do You Agree With Melo’s Reasoning on Why He Should Be Able to Cheat & LaLa Can’t (Photos)

  • In my opinion, he shouldn’t have to explain to anyone other than God who he has sex with. Unless he is doing something illegal, its none of our business what he does. What is a bad look for him is the fact that he has all that talent but hasn’t won anything or played defense. What’s a bad look for him is how he forced his way out of Denver to New York and now New York is trying to push him out

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