Donald Penn’s Wife Shows Off Photos of His Daughter & Side Chick Baby Who Are Same Age on IG; Side Chick Goes Off on Twitter


It appeared that Raiders Donald Penn’s wife Dominique and his mistress Camilla Poindexter were finally getting along for the holidays.

Dominique posted photos of his two daughters one by her and one by Poindexter having a good time on Easter.

I am not sure what happened after that, but Poindexter then went off the rails on Twitter because she believes Donald called her a THOT. Because of that she is now threatening to publish a tell-all book.

I am going to be honest, no one is going to read a tell all book about Donald Penn. I mean that with all respect, people just not that interested in offensive lineman side chicks.

Hard to juggle a mistress and a wife these days.

Flip the pages for the threatening tweets from Camilla….


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