How Kylie Got Tyga Thrown Out of VIP at Coachella

The perks that come with dating Kylie Jenner are massive. A well entrenched suitor can expect access to the finer things in life, considerable business connections, vacations to exotic places and private planes just to name a few.

This past weekend at Coachella Kylie’s ex-beau Tyga began to feel the effects of their split. According to The Sun, Tyga was denied access to the desert festival’s VIP areas. When he attempted to enter, offering his name as ID, he was reportedly told his name “wasn’t on the list.”

Kylie, who attended the festivities with girlfriends, reportedly crossed path with Tyga during the weekend giving him an awkward hug while on-lookers reported she looked “sad.” Time will tell if the break-up is a permanent thing.

For photos of Kylie and her crew posting up at Coachella 2017, flip the pages.

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