Jimmy John’s Employee Calls Man Who Robbed Him at Gun Point a B*tch (Video)

Jimmy John’s? Yeah..I quit!

Things get real for one Kansas City, Jimmy John’s cashier as he was held at gun point.

The video shows a older man entering the restaurant where he proceeds to order, mid order a gun is drawn.

Completely unbothered by the gun that just happens to be 2 centimeters away from his face. Assistant general manager Tuker Murray, 24, casually cashes out the robber and even includes the change!

Murray ,visibly unfazed even with a gun shoved in his face tells TMZ “there was nothing intimidating about the perp.” Even before learning the robber 54-year-old Terry Rayford’s gun had jammed mid robbery.  Murray can be seen in a video to TMZ calling Rayford a b*itch , and that he had to be an ammeter.

Police say Rayford got away with $280. According to court documents upon stopping him a suspected person of interest in the robbery police, two guns were found in his car.

Rayford told them he stole the guns from his crack dealer, who he owed money to, so that he could do a robbery and settle the debt. That has to be some serious debt, but I don’t think his dealer will be contacting the authorities to retrieve those guns.

The robber is said to be in police custody.

Looks like his luck is running out..freaky fast.

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