KD on Why Championships Ain’t All That & Shaq’s Criticism Of Him

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a bit of a war of words between four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal and four-time scoring champion Kevin Durant. It all started when Shaq was accused of bullying Warriors center JaVale McGee for always featuring him on Shaqtin’ A Fool”.

Once Shaq said Durant can’t talk to him until he wins a championship, KD responded.

“He said I can’t talk to him because I haven’t won a championship,” Durant said, via Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated. “I can see right through that. Shaq feels validated in life, not just basketball, because he’s won a championship.

“… [That] shows me your whole life is centered around [the fact that] you feel like you’re someone in this world because you won a championship. For me, it ain’t even about that.”

In two months, maybe Shaq will allow Durant to speak to him.