Wrestlemania 33 Review: The Good, The Bad & The Reigns

The WWE likes to make sure everyone gets to participate in Wrestlemania, but the 7 hour run time is something they may need to address in the future.

A crowd can only stay hot for so long.


The first three hours of Wrestlemania was very good and all the intros for the most part were excellent.

The pre-show matches were better than some of the main card matches and AJ Styles once again proved why he is in GOAT discussions by having the match of the night in the first official match of Wrestlemania.

Props to Shane for continually jumping off things for the culture…

Shane McMahon out here killing himself for the culture #wrestlemania

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We got a pretty cool GRONK appearance, The New Day was fun and The Hardy Boys are back and totally broken.

The ending to Kevin Owens and Jericho was a bit abrupt but it was a solid match.

But, sadly things started to go downhill after that, with one caveat being I thought the Lesnar-Goldberg match was exactly what everyone thought it would be and since Goldberg didn’t die, I am putting that in the good category.

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