Police Don’t Know How Tiger Woods Was Driving Wrecked SUV With 2 Flat Tires

With more details comes an even murkier picture of how things unfolded.   We have the how & why of Tiger’s groggy status but the condition of his car adds more questions.

Tiger was driving around in an absolute wreck of a car barely resembling that of a pristine 2015 Mercedes Benz. TMZ Sports has the details on Tiger’s ride.

Tiger Woods’ car was a wreck when cops found him during his DUI arrest — with 2 flat tires, a broken tail light and mangled bumpers … this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports.

The officers at the scene reported, “Both rims on the driver’s side of the vehicle are damaged and both tires on the driver’s side are flat.” Tiger was behind the wheel of a 2015 Mercedes AMG S65 at the time of the incident — repairing that kind of a car ain’t cheap.

Cops noted the damage appeared to have been inflicted recently.  In the report, officers say Woods — who was a groggy mess — told cops he believed he was in Los Angeles and was driving to Orange County.

There’s more … when officers arrested Tiger and confiscated his belongings, they noticed the golfer had a concealed weapons license. Woods was not in possession of weapons at the time — his car was filled mostly with children’s clothing, folding chairs and an umbrella.

This is what a fall from grace looks like.

How Tiger’s car acquired this amount of damage will be interesting to find out as a wave of details are likely to emerge.

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