Watch Man Pull Rifle Out on Cop During Traffic Stop, but is Taken Alive (Video)


We’ve all seen this scene play out in many ways. And to be honest in most communities it NEVER ends like this.

During a highway traffic stop, a police officer has a rifle shoved into his face. The man hops outs his vehicle rifle in hand, and swings at the officer. The man swings at the officer about 4 or 5 times and the officer still does not fire.

As the officer falls he fires off ONE round.

In the clip the officer can be heard calling for back up and asking for the man to lay on the ground repeatedly. The suspect appears to be wounded but the officer on scene does NOT call it in as a GSW (gunshot wound).

No word on the name of the suspect or charges as of yet.

This was not how I expected the video to play out, especially given the recent upswing in deaths at the hands of police officers as of late.

Flip the page and check out this not so routine traffic stop.



  1. Dude did everything except wave a sign daring the cop to kill him. Guess a man with a rifle attacking him never pushed the cop to the point of, “I feared for my life.”

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