Charles Barkley Crashes Wayne Gretzky NHL Finals Press Conference to Ask This (Video)

With the NBA playoffs turning out to be somewhat of a snooze this year, Charles Barkley is finding himself needing to stack all the material he can to keep everything as interesting as possible.

With a new four-part documentary highlighting racial differences in the USA, American Race; Barkley may or may not have been promoting when he entered NHL-legend Wayne Gretzky’s NHL Finals presser to ask a bit of a weird question:


I can’t decide if the joke landed or was as cringeworthy as it looked, but Barkley himself seemed to think it was hilarious.

Barkley, who was invited to the game by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman; has been commenting on the excitement of the NHL playoffs for weeks & compared them to the lackluster NBA postseason:

“The playoffs in hockey have been amazing. I’m not breaking earth-shattering news, our NBA playoffs have not been very good,” Barkley said. “There is nothing more nerve-wracking than Stanley Cup overtime hockey. It’s the craziest thing you’re ever going to see. I just love the sport.”

Barkley is right, the NHL playoffs have been, & usually are extremely exciting while the NBA’s have been full of predictable outcomes & blowouts. This can be attributed mostly to the gaggles of NBA stars flowing consistently to a few teams, however no matter; the interest level will wain even more with another blowout when the Cavs host the Warriors for game three in Cleveland Wednesday night.