Details On 6 Western Kentucky Football Players Indicted For Frat House Beatdown (Videos)

Members of the Western Kentucky Football team, that were caught on video in March attacking a lone man at a frat house, now face criminal charges for their involvement in the attack.

According to TMZ, the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General announced the following charges:

The Kentucky Office of the Attorney General announced charges against seven football players.
RB Quinton Baker, WR Xavier Lane, LB Tyler Obee and DE Cecil Stallings were charged with the most serious crimes — complicity to wanton endangerment, complicity to assault and criminal trespass. They face up to 6 years behind bars.

WR Jahcour Pearson and DL Chris Johnson were hit with criminal trespass charges. LB Drew O’Bryan (who just transferred to Eastern Kentucky University) was charged with menacing and criminal trespass.

Following the indictment representatives from the team announced that the involved players have been¬†“suspended indefinitely from all team-related activities pending further developments.”