Details on NBA Doctors Putting Chris Bosh Comeback Plans in Serious Jeopardy

Multiple reports are stating Chris Bosh’s time in the NBA may full well be over.

After sitting out of pro basketball since the 2015-16 season, doctors are reportedly confirming Bosh has an illness that would prevent him from safely competing in the NBA anymore:

The Sun-Sentinel explains the ruling further:

The Heat had the right to apply to exclude Bosh’s salary from their salary cap as soon as Feb. 9, the one-year anniversary from his last game played, but by working with the league, Bosh and the players’ association were able to reach an agreement that did not run the risk of Bosh’s salary-cap hit resurfacing on the team’s books should he return to the NBA at a later date.

If Miami releases his rights, Bosh would legally be able to sign with any team he sees fit, however; with his medical history, he’d need to provide evidence that he’s medically fit to perform.

The 11-time all-star has openly stated his desire to continue playing, but with his serious health issues, a franchise would need to be willing to take that huge risk. No one wants to be the team that allowed something horrible & preventable to happen, but then again; Bosh is really the only one that can decide what exactly that risk will be.

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  • Chris Bosh has nothing else to prove. He was an all star, Olympic winner and NBA champion. Spend the rest of your life staying healthy for the family. And venture on to the next chapter in life.

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