Facing 20 Years Behind Bars, Taxstone Gives First Interview From Prison (Audio)

Earlier this week Taxstone pled guilty to a pair of felony gun charges.  The charges stem from a shooting at Irving Plaza in May of last year which resulted in the death of Ronald McPhatter.  With it, the potential of a prison sentence of 20 years.

During the interview you can tell the toll jail has already had on Tax.  While sounding positive,  his lifestyle has switched from healthy blended juices to jail food and being labeled a nuisance to society.

“They say they can’t let me out because i’m a danger to the community.  I’ve accepted now that i’m a danger to the community even though I don’t know what community it is (laughs) . I’m sitting here talking to schools and I’m a danger to the community.

Taxstone spoke with Miko Grimes on the daily grind and struggle of life in prison.  Flip the pages for the revealing interview.