Gilbert Arenas Gives Scientific Reason Why Cavs Will Win Finals (Video)

With the NBA Finals starting within the next hour, the predictions are flying in fast and furious from everyone everywhere including former players.

Gilbert Arenas, who did his own run in Golden State, took a break from social media trolling to offer up some sound advice to those gamblers out there looking to make money on the series.

TMZ caught up with Arenas leaving a restaurant and asked him who he was picking to win it all.

“I was in Golden State so that’s my heart but you can’t bet against the King.”

“I’m going to tell you a secret. So far anyone who’s left any big free agent that’s left to go win a championship, he’s never done it in his first year.”

An obvious nod to Kevin Durant who joined the Warriors this season in pursuit of a ring.

Arenas goes on to give his prediction on the number games it will take plus extended thoughts on LeBron.

Thanks for the tip No Chill. No word on who was driving the car.