LeBron Gives a Pretty Funny Answer on If Guarding KD is Making Him Tired (Video)

Kevin Durant is absolutely cooking the Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron is playing out of his mind and the Cavs haven’t been within 30 miles of beating Golden State in the first two games. This is largely because no matter what defense they play, who they shut down or double team, what they do with Steph Curry, or anything else imaginable; the Cavs are falling victim to the Slim Reaper’s ability to score from almost literally anywhere.

Guarding him has been a tall task for the Cavs, often with the responsibility falling into LeBron’s lap.

After chasing Durant around for a while, plus still being expected to create nearly ALL of Cleveland’s offense; LeBron started to exhibit signs of major fatigue:Reporters are seeing the same video of LeBron looking like he just ran four marathons as everyone else, which leads to questions, (& hilarious reactions) like this:

LeBron is facing something he’s has never seen before, & playing damn good. But unless he gets some out-of-body performances from his supporting cast, this series is all but over. LeBron may play the best two games of his life, & its likely to not matter. Not because of Curry or Thompson. Not even because of probable Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green.

It’ll be because of Kevin Durant.

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  • Name any guy running up & down the court, averaging a triple double but never gets tired? I’m waiting you stupid critics

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