Savannah Allegedly Wants to Live in LA Full Time; How This Is Getting Lakers Execs Hopes Up For LeBron


2018 is going to be the Summer of LeBron regardless if the Cavs win a title next season or not.

He brought a title back to Cleveland, he doesn’t particularly care for the Dan Gilbert and now allegedly his wife is ready to move to LA full-time via Bleacher Report.

Cleveland’s loss in the 2017 NBA Finals has led Lakers officials to hear more whispers about James’ interest in a final chapter in Los Angeles, where his wife would like to live full time, per sources.

LeBron could create another Superteam in LA because the Lakers have a ton of young cheap players on the roster, so they can make a run at Max players and do some things with some trades.

This is something that will be lingering all season long.

If you are just here for some photos of Savannah you know what to do…


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