Broncos Cody Latimer Slaps Bouncer at Strip Club, Gets Pepper Sprayed & Then His Uncle Gets KOed (Video)


Good news for Latimer was the cops weren’t called.

Bad news the video was leaked.

Broncos receiver Cody Latimer was pepper sprayed by a bouncer during a fight outside an Ohio strip club … and TMZ Sports has the insane footage.

We’re told 24-year-old Latimer was trying to get into Diamonds Cabaret strip club near Dayton at the end of February with his uncle and a friend … but got into a disagreement with the bouncer about the dress code.

In the footage, you see Latimer with his arms out between his group and the bouncer. Things escalate when Latimer slaps the bouncer, who then sprays C.L. with pepper spray. Latimer’s uncle then lunges at the bouncer and is knocked out.

Latimer says he was trying to deescalate things.

Probably shouldn’t have given the bouncer the love tap then…



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