Cowboys Fan Facing Death Penalty For Killing Multiple Wives Fights to Wear Romo Jersey in Court (Video)


Come again?

When have you been able to wear jerseys in court? I am so confused by all of this.

Thomas Randolph walked into a Las Vegas courtroom on Friday wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey. He walked out with a jury deciding whether he should die.

Randolph said he wanted to wear the jersey, rather than a traditional shirt and tie, on his last day of trial because he would speak to jurors. He has been locked up since January 2009, wearing only jail clothing.

“Since I’ve been 12, I’ve been a Cowboys fan,” he told reporters in the holding cell. “It gives me comfort, even in here.”

“I’ve lived a helluva good life,” he said. “I’ve been blessed … I’m sorry that all this happened. … We’ll do one appeal, and if it doesn’t work, give me that shot, and I’ll go meet Sharon and Becky and Francis.”

In asking jurors to spare Randolph’s life, one of his lawyers said they could consider the simple fact that he’s a Cowboys fan. In a video re-enactment of the killings, Randolph wore a gray Cowboys T-shirt.


Flip the page for video of Randolph explaining his fandom.



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