Details on Blac Chyna Getting Robe Guy Banned From a Club in His Hometown Because He Texts Too Much (Photos)

Seems like every guy that Blac Chyna deals with she accuses of the same thing.

Might be a pattern here.

Blac Chyna’s beefing up her personal security and got her former side piece banned from her upcoming club appearance … because his recent actions are scaring her.

Sources close to Chyna tell TMZ … Ferrari won’t be allowed in at the Medusa Restaurant & Lounge in Atlanta Saturday night, where Blac is scheduled to host a party. We’re told Chyna’s hired 4 extra bodyguards for the night in case the rapper — who hails from ATL — shows up.

Chyna’s camp claims Ferrari’s been calling and texting her the past week, and demands for him to stop the harassment having been blown off.

Flip the pages for some of Ferrari and Rob Kardashian’s thoughts on situation…