Inmate Calls The Herd to Sound Off; Kristine Leahy Keeps Interrupting So He Says This (Video)


Lonzo Ball’s appearance on The Herd won’t be forgotten anytime soon by anyone. No matter where they are.

James, an inmate from a Kansas City correctional facility called in, before being locked down for the night, to get a few things off his chest. Believing he misheard the caller’s location, Jason Whitlock asked him to repeat himself then invited him to continue since he was calling collect.

(The guy probably had about 2 minutes before the recording came on to let us know exactly which jail he was calling from.)

Despite Whitlock confirming that James was calling from the pen, Kristine Leahy proceeded to ask again where he was calling from and then questioned the fact that The Herd was on in jail. Frustrated that his time was being taken up, James reminded Leahy of Ball’s appearance and Leahy wasn’t amused.

To see the clip, flip the page.



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