Kevin Durant Taking Even Less Money Than We Thought to Help Warriors Because What’s Better Than One Ring


I don’t care how many star players you have, if you don’t have glue guys it is going to be hard to sustain dominance when the entire league is gunning for you.

I’d never hate on any athlete getting much money as they possibly can, but for Durant you can tell his legacy means a lot to him.

One ring is nice and he will never have to worry about being in the ringless discussion, but multiple rings is how a lot of the greats are separated. The Warriors needed some flexibility to keep their core, KD is helping them, but also helping himself in the long-term.

Marcus Thompson of Bay Area News Group explains.

Kevin Durant was drawn to the Warriors largely by the unselfishness he witnessed. In that spirit, his biggest assist might be coming this month.

Durant, according to multiple sources, is not just passing on the new maximum contract he could get, which would start at $34.65 million. His plan is to also take entire raise he is eligible for, which would start his salary at $31.5 million.

The exact figure is being worked out now, but Durant’s willingness to take even less than his expected 20 percent bump is how the Warriors were able to sign Andre Iguodala for $48 million and Shaun Livingston for $24 million, both over three years.

Kevin Durant is getting the teammates who helped him get his ring paid and helping the franchise who embraced him lower their tax bill.

He might be the BFF of the year.

Here are the numbers.


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