Mayweather Replies to McGregor Saying He Can’t Read by Releasing This Video


The “Mayweather can’t read” joke goes back for years after video was released of him struggling reading a radio promo and some things that 50 Cent said while they were beefing.

It is just one of those things that has stuck even though it is quite obviously the man can read. Is he narrating promos as smoothly as Morgan Freeman, but who does?

While this type of trash talking is better than calling a black man a “boy” it¬†still promotes a racial stereotype of the dumb black man.

I understand they have to push this Great White (Irish) Hype narrative to promote the fight it just sad we have to revert to all these stereotypes to promote it, but you can’t say it isn’t working.

Here is an exclusive clip provided to BSO of¬†Mayweather jokingly mocking people who say he can’t read.

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