Nebraska Cop Bashes In Man’s Head Who Was Unarmed With Hands Up With Rifle, Lied About It & Didn’t Get Fired (Video)


If you are drunk driving and lead cops on a police chase, you need to be arrested.

What you don’t deserve is have your head bashed in when you present no threat to cops.

The shocking moment a Nebraska state trooper struck down a drunk man with the butt of his rifle after an hour long high speed chase was caught on dashcam video.

Brian Davis reportedly led authorities on the dangerous chase while driving a minivan and reaching speeds up to 100mph in 2016.

Trooper Kyle Kuebler clocked a silver van driven by Davis at 76 mph in a 55 mph zone around 1.11am just south of Chadron.

Lindsey Davis can be seen getting out of the van and raising his arms up while standing.

Bixby approaches Davis and knocks him down by hitting him in the head with the butt end of his rifle.

According to Omaha World-Herald, Bixby was not truthful about what happened during the March 4, 2016 incident.

The trooper, who was not fired, testified under oath that he did not strike Davis in the head.

Bixby was not criminally charged, as the prosecutor cited that there was no proof that Davis had suffered any injury.

I would imagine the proof being the video of him having his head bashed in?


But, you mad Kaepernick kneeling.

Flip the page for the disgusting video…



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