Power Episode Recap: Keisha Nipples & Why We Have to Be Team Angela at Least Temporarily

I’ve been saying for the last couple weeks that we’re building up to a big courtroom episode at the season’s halfway point and we’re almost there. Last night’s episode, We’re In This Together, highlights the tenuous nature of everyone’s fate and how they’re all intertwined. Ghost has to put his trust in a man that doesn’t trust him (Silver). Tommy has to protect himself, the business, Tasha (kids) and Keisha. In order to do that, he has to trust Proctor, whom he isn’t sure has his back 100%. The Lobos task force wants justice for agent Knox and has to work together to get a conviction. But their case is built on faulty evidence and logic, and an “innocent” suspect.

The prosecution/Lobos task force is reeling after the DNA was tossed. Now grasping for straws, Angela is taking another shot at breaking spousal privilege. Anytime we get a scene with Tasha and Angela, I, like many of you are on the edge of my seat. I love the dialogue in the tete a tete between these two. Tasha, always on the attack around Angela, says: “You may have the degrees and the badge but I’m not as stupid as you think.” Angela responds: “I don’t think you’re stupid, Tasha. Stupid is not Jamie’s type. Gullible, maybe.” This was the perfect way to open this scene. Angela tries to use common ground in her approach with Tasha. She is saying we are both smart women, how did we let this man mess up our lives? While it’s true that both Angela and Tasha have been lied to and screwed over by Ghost, we know Tasha won’t budge. She learns Ghost was offered a deal that would save her and the kids, but he refused. Tasha didn’t even know. How many more of these betrayals can she take?

The answer to that question lies in the fundamental difference between the “main chick” and the “side chick.” Tasha has been with Ghost through it all and is the mother of his three children. Despite all the hurts and betrayals there is a bond there that Angela, as the side chick, doesn’t have. This is why it was so easy for her to go scorched earth on Ghost when he hurt her. Tasha doesn’t have that “luxury.” But everyone has his or her breaking point. When will she reach hers?

When you’re worried about saving your life, avoiding jail, and protecting people it’s understandable if certain things slip. Out on the streets, Tommy’s drug business isn’t going as smooth as possible. I’ve been saying since the beginning of this season to keep an eye out on the Tommy, Julio, and Dre dynamic. We saw issues in last night’s episode. Julio is struggling to gain respect. Primeras are missing drop dates, and not showing up to meetings. They are openly disrespecting Julio in front of his men. This means Julio and Tommy have issues. Tommy is already weary of Julio being picked up by the Feds and now Dre and Cristobal may be plotting behind Julio’s back.

When Ghost got arrested and Tommy agreed to be the main point of contact for the new drug connect he installed Julio as the “Distro.” That’s like installing a substitute teacher. Say what you want about Tommy and Ghost, but their names ring out. Nobody acts up or gets out of line. If they do, they are dealt with in kind. Poor Julio. He hasn’t quite earned that rep. He’s a soldier, and does what he is told. There’s no extra flex from him and he’s loyal. Maybe that’s his problem. Cristobal calls Julio a “pariguayo” early in the episode. That’s Dominican slang for a punk or poser. Someone who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. No greater ambitions, makes him a pawn in the game. We know what happens to pawns.

Speaking of pawns, Tony Teresi thought Ghost would be his. Tommy made the drop per the instructions and while there proceeded to gather intel. When Teresi and Ghost meet in the weight room to discuss, Teresi makes an additional demand to meet Tommy. Ghost refuses and also says their payment arrangement is over. Ghost now has knowledge of who Teresi is and uses that to regain leverage and back out of the payment agreement. Anyone else think that went a little too easy? This isn’t the last we will hear from Teresi, and his obsession with Tommy (read: his son) may prove problematic at a very inopportune time for Ghost.

You know what else is problematic for Ghost? The Feds seizing his bank accounts, assets, and closing all associated businesses. In a bold move, the prosecution decides to do a hard look into Ghost’s finances. They make the link that Ghost’s lawyer, Proctor, also represented Egan in a previous case. Now, the entire prosecution already knew that Proctor represented Egan. Why bring it up now? Sandoval knew the chain of custody on the gun wasn’t strong, and would be tossed out so he played the only card he had left. As a result Proctor was dismissed as Ghost’s lead counsel and now all that’s standing between Ghost and death is Terry Silver. A man who seriously doubts his innocence.

Sandoval has been tipping his hand all season. Unfortunately for the defense, the rest of his team hasn’t been able to pick up on this. But Proctor’s late night drunken visit to Angela’s apartment may change all that. Proctor tells Angela the gun isn’t Ghost’s, which she already suspected knowing how careful Ghost is with details. She checks the security footage at Truth from the night he was arrested and realized he never hid a gun in the office. Angela has made a huge mistake and the wrong arrest. How is she going to fix this one?

Before Proctor was dismissed as lead counsel he met with the now deceased Homeland security agent Bailey Markham. He heard the recordings of Ghost and Tommy discussing the Lobos kill and Tommy killing Ruiz at the behest of Ghost. Valuable information and something that can be used as leverage in the future. But for who? The laptop with the audio files also has information about who Markham suspected was the mole. This scene adds another layer to this story, Tommy has always been wary of Proctor. Now that they are both accomplices in the murder of a government agent, the dynamics in that relationship have changed.

This was a very good, if not great episode. Next week we’ll be at the halfway point of the 10-episode season. A big courtroom showdown is expected and Terry Silver and Ghost will have to put aside their feelings about each other to win. Plus, you know Angela. She’s like a dog with a bone; she will keep digging until she finds what she is looking for.

A few extra thoughts:

  • Omari Hardwick played college football at the University of Georgia. He was crushing the bench press in that opening scene before Marshal Williams forces the bar on him.
  • Speaking of Marshal Williams, in his limited role Charlie Murphy was captivating. Proctor is able to get Williams transferred for messing with Ghost. No doubt one of, if not, the last scenes before Murphy’s death. R.I.P. Charlie Murphy.
  • Angela’s face when the task force in unison all agrees they want the death penalty for Ghost. She doesn’t want him dead. She still loves that man.
  • Saxe: “Spending time together, was that the euphemism we’re using today?” Angela: “Stop being a fucking asshole Saxe!”
  • Silver: “So you’re Mother Teresa, in Armani?” Proctor: “No, No. He’s a one man homeboy industries.”
  • Tommy: “Oh. The Dominican Shrek?…Fuck him anyway. Handicapped people get all the best parking spots.” LMAO.
  • Can we talk about Power being snubbed at last week’s Emmy nomination announcements? Last year, I asked Power showrunner Courtney Kemp about the Emmy’s. She said: “So far the Emmys have not noticed the show. I would like to say yes to your question, but that may not be our journey.” This is the highest rated show on Starz, and the second-most watched series on premium cable (behind “Game of Thrones”), with more than 8 million viewers per episode via multiple platforms. What do they have to do to get consideration? We need Twitter to start a hashtag campaign. #PowerEmmySnub
  • Keisha’s going to be a problem. She did not like Tommy leaving and staying at Tasha and Ghost’s place. Tommy’s got this poor girl open.
  • ‘Riq is really disrespectful towards his sister and is getting his rich white friends hooked on Lean, so Kanan can rob their homes. Anybody else see this ending poorly for Riq? I know that’s what you’re all hoping for.
  • Kanan: “Don’t ever pay bitches for shit they’ll do for free. Go on. Split that motherfucker in half. Or do…do what you could do at least.”

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  • Proctor should have made Tommy clean up that dead body, he killed him ….ijs

  • Not sure why no one sees why Angela is the better woman for Jamie because “Ghost” wants to be Jamie, not Ghost anymore

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