Shaq Responds to LaVar’s Challenge, By Saying If He Loses He’ll Do This With Wig (Video)

Shaq has responded to LaVar Ball’s 2on2 challenge like only he can via OVERTIME. If you’re behind on this one, allow me to catch you up. Shareef O’Neal (Shaq’s son) was asked if he could beat LaMelo (LaVar’s son) in a game of 1on1. Shareef said he could and his dad agreed. LaVar heard about this and challenged Shaq and Shareef to a game of 2on2 vs he and LaMelo.

Shaq hopped on Instagram and responded to LaVar with a hilarious lip sync video with a wig. Can we get this game set up? You know you’d pay money to see this.

Flip the page to see what Shaq did.