Simone Biles Claps Back on IG at Fan Who Says She Parties Too Much to Be Role Model

Simone Biles has been in gymnastics for most of her life. She sacrificed her teenage years and chose her career instead. It paid off and now she’s earned 5 Olympic medals. No one should ever find cause to criticize her, but of course, there’s always someone who finds something they’re not happy with.

Biles has taken about a year off and just been enjoying herself and making up for all the years she couldn’t have a good time, since she was training. A fan found a problem with this and chose to voice their opinion on her latest IG post of her relaxing and enjoying life. Biles’ chose to respond to the hate, and it was a smooth response. The saddest thing is that Biles’ IG post was perfectly harmless.

Flip the page to see the exchange between Biles and the fan.