49ers GM John Lynch Says Anthem Protests are Divisive; Uses Black Friend Warren Sapp as Example of Unity (Video)

You know what is divisive?

Centuries of systematic racism, prejudices, discrimination and a President who sympathizes with white supremacists.

That is a tad bit more divisive than a player kneeling or sitting for National Anthem. Just because Warren Sapp is your friend (we won’t even get into Sapp’s history), you had black teammates or aren’t a racist yourself doesn’t change the fact by making these statements it makes players hesitant to take a stand.

It was all nicely said, but the bottom line is your GM basically just said shut up and play and if you do something like sit for anthem I will deem you expendable.

That is why Dez Bryant said what he said about feeding his family, because of comments like Lynch’s today.

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