Antonio Brown’s Personal Trainer Explains Why He Broke Up With Him (Video)

Bo Smith had a lot to get off his chest.

TMZ breaks it down.

A.B. and Florida-based fitness expert Bo Smith were inseparable for years … and the duo had documented their intense workouts on social media.

But that’s all come to an end … with Smith sharing news of the messy breakup on Instagram, saying “I had to walk away & remove myself from the bulls**t! Be a MAN of your WORD and own up to your WRONGS as a MAN should, Communication is KEY!”

He added … “I’ve learned to walk away from anything or anyone that THREATENS my PEACE of MIND, SELF-RESPECT, VALUES, MORALS or SELF WORTH.”

Same thing happened with Brown’s chef. Wonder what is going on in that inner circle.

Flip the page for some of Bo’s training techniques.