Barkley Excusing Cops Shooting Black People b/c They Are Nervous; Blames Black on Black Crime

Charles Barkley is speaking on race once again and continues to be painfully misguided on the course of action needed to fix social injustice.

Barkley is consistent in how he diagnoses the problem. He’ll begin the conversation on the issue, guide it back to the role black people play in their own demise and finish off with some form of qualifier offering compassion to the side which is clearly wrong and upholding bigotry.

Barkley was a guest on ESPN’s Mike & Mike Tuesday morning with Mike Golic and Will Cain. His opinions held black people accountable for their role in the oppression and bigotry they face.

We’ve got to work out our relationships with the cops. We don’t want young Black men killed by the cops. But also, we’ve got to take some personal responsibility with all the Black-on-Black crime going on in our own community. The cops come in there. When they make mistakes, we need to hold them accountable. But also, we’ve got to understand (police) come in there. They’re nervous. They’re hyper. They’re gonna make some mistakes. That doesn’t excuse it, but we gotta take some personal responsibility.


Barkley doesn’t simply make toxic comments, he is often viewed as the representative voice of black people.  He should know this and be smarter than to play into the blissful ignorance in today’s society.

Compassion once again is nothing new from Barkley’s side of things.  He’s willing to offer it up on a silver platter to white supremacist Richard Spencer in a sit down one-on-one.

For decades systematic racism has fostered and led to the mentioned environment of black-on-black crime.  Barkley’s dangerous course of rhetoric requires a black person to earn equal treatment with compassion and understanding or even reflecting upon ones self.   Being a black person isn’t a choice, choosing to work in law enforcement is.

He continued further with his parade of embarrassing comments by speaking on the role athletes should play in visiting the white house.

I think number one you should visit the White House. It’s the President, It isn’t about the person, it’s about the office. That’s just my opinion. If you look back at the past we criticize guys who didn’t go.  We can’t have a double standard.

Barkley’s scoreboard of things which deserve respect off the rip:

White House: 1, Black People: 0

While the New England Patriots are giving Super Bowl Rings to our President who sympathizes with Neo-Nazis & White Supremacist.  It’s understandable an athlete the caliber of Kevin Durant or Steph Curry would choose that moment to skip the unacceptable status of our White House.