OJ’s Ex- Manager Explains OJ’s Relationship With Kris & How He Can Be Khloe’s Dad

Norman Pardo OJ’s former manager is mixing up the juice about OJ Simpson and Kris Jenner.

Pardo says that years ago OJ and Kris hooked up,

“He and Kris had this one night thing in a Jacuzzi.”

He added,

“A short time later they both got divorced.”

Kris denies these rumors as she was married to Robert Kardashian at the time.

Not really hard evidence, perhaps more of a he say, she say, OJ do you have anything you’d like to add, upon his release maybe he will add some context to it, or leave it in the past.

Plot twist, this could all add up to OJ being the father of Khloe, which would be crazy.

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