Details on Patriots Gifting Donald Trump Super Bowl Ring As a ‘Thank You’

From the Owner down to the Head Coach and Quarterback, The New England Make America Greatriots have long been documented supporters of our current President.

Through a Patriots spokesperson, they have given Donald Trump a Super Bowl ring as a “Thank You” for their amazing time at the White House.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft gave President Trump a commemorative Super Bowl ring after the team’s visit to the White House in April.  Patriots spokesman Stacey James told USA TODAY Sports that during the team’s championship visit, Trump mentioned to Kraft, a longtime friend, how honored he was that the Patriots were the first team to visit the White House during his presidency.

Although the team came bearing traditional gifts on that occasion — a jersey and a helmet — Kraft decided that another gesture was necessary since New England was the first pro team to visit under the Trump administration.  James said that of the five times the Patriots have visited the White House, this one included the best treatment — in Kraft’s eyes — by allowing the most time with the President and including the most impressive White House tour.

James said that Trump received a customized ring that mirrored what Patriots players and staff received following their Super Bowl victory. Those rings were crafted in 10-karat white gold and featured 280 diamonds with the words “World Champions” on the front. The inside of the ring includes, “We are all Patriots” and “greatest comeback ever,” a nod to the 31 unanswered points scored against the Falcons in the most dramatic comeback win in Super Bowl history.

Well would you look at that. I’m sure Robert Kraft was moved to give such a generous gift because of the extra attention at the White House.  Something tells me the Warriors will not be following suit.