Eagles Chris Long on Why It’s Time For White Players to Show Support to Black Players Protesting on Racial Injustice

I see all the white people who are protesting alongside black people in the streets or when a cop shoots an innocent black person in the back.

Just like President Obama couldn’t have been elected just by black people, racism and hate can’t be fought just by black people.

We need the people who look like the people we are protesting against to help, so this is big by Chris Long.  Here is what he had to say via Philly.com

Chris Long wrapped his left arm around teammate Malcolm Jenkins, who continued to raise his right fist in protest over racial injustice, during the national anthem before the Eagles’ preseason game against the Bills on Thursday night at Lincoln Financial Field.

“I just told Malcolm, ‘I’m here for you,’” Long said afterward. “I think it’s a good time for people that look like me to be there for people that are fighting for equality.”

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of white players like Chris Long who care about the struggle of black people in America, but salute to him.